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Landscape With Sea and Blue Sky, Cyprus

Are you getting married somewhere else? Do you dream about being surrounded by nature’s most stunning creations on your wedding day?

Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions you are going to want to read this guide because in this post we’ll be taking a look at some of the world’s most beautiful wedding destinations.

Consider having your wedding there. When the whole world is dealing with a pandemic, you may need to take more measures and improve your planning so, in order to ensure that your special day is protected, getting international travel insurance is a must. A wedding travel insurance policy that includes covid coverage might help in the event of an unexpected situation and, after all, when you’re surrounded by your closest family members on your wedding day, you want to feel protected and secure.

Anyhow, here are some of the most popular locations for weddings, and a few last thoughts about wedding safety in the midst of this ongoing epidemic are in order.

The Best Places to Get Married


In case you haven’t noticed, celebrities are fleeing to the Maldives to avoid the epidemic and spend their holidays there. So, if you’re planning a destination wedding, the Maldives are always a good option to consider. The stunning natural landscape of the Maldives is sure to captivate you and the Kagi Maldives Spa Island is an ideal location for a wedding ceremony and reception. It has all the ingredients for a lifetime of unforgettable experiences.

It’s a popular choice for many because of its pre-wedding relaxation, spa, and luxurious accommodations. Culture vultures, adrenaline seekers, and beach bums will all find something to enjoy about a wedding in the Maldives. You’ll be able to see the city’s history while bicycling about. And, as an added bonus, the weather is pleasant all year round.


Cyprus is another popular place for weddings. You will love the climate, food, and culture. and if you want to invite people of various ages, this is a terrific option. There will be something new to discover for everyone. Anassa is an excellent choice for a wedding site and I can guarantee that your visitors will have a great time at the amazing five-star resort. It’s hard to find a better place to stay than this one. You’ll feel calmer because it’s manufactured from natural materials. Cyprus, offers a wide variety of wedding locations but we recommend Anassa, Amara or the Four Seasons as the best choices. Select the one that is most affordable for you.


Thailand is a great option if you want to be married on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. It offers everything you …


Throughout our lives, there will be moments of significance that will pass quickly. The day of one’s wedding is a momentous occasion in many people’s life. The best man speech is a common wedding custom. You must take this responsibility seriously, even if it makes you nervous as the best man. It might be the speech that the bride and groom remember for a lifetime if done well.

It’s possible to improve your wedding speech by following a few simple steps. Everything from self-preparation to rehearsing the speech might help you get ready for the occasion. If you don’t wait until the last minute, you should be alright.

You’ll want to begin by jotting down all of the things you like and dislike about both the bride and the groom. Take time to jot down all of your favourite memories of the two of you, as well as any private exchanges between the bride and groom only. It may be a lot of fun to tell a good, clean storey in your wedding speech.

There are thousands of wedding speeches available online if you’re having trouble putting your sentiments and emotions into words. When it comes to giving a speech, the last thing you want to do is just replicate someone else’s. Even so, it’s OK to peruse the talks and pick up ideas. Taking a few lines here and there isn’t going to ruin anything.

It is critical that you make your speech as unique as possible. Make it clear to the bride and groom that you are giving the speech. You are the best man because you have been there for the groom, and maybe the bride, through both happy and difficult periods in their lives.

Weddings are wonderful because they are a time of happiness and celebration. If you want to have some fun with the speech, you may make it a joke and write a wedding speech that is hilarious. Never forget it’s a family affair. Keep it as free of clutter as you can.

The greatest technique to come up with hilarious wedding speeches is to use one-liners. As a result, they’re a hit with the audience because they’re so short and to the point. A lengthier joke about the bride and groom may be told, provided it does not put them in an embarrassing position. Your wedding speech should not exceed three to five minutes in length.

After you’ve finished writing your wedding speech, the following step is to practise. To avoid gazing at a note card the entire time, go over the speech multiple times before the wedding. While practising in front of a few people might help alleviate stage anxiety, it isn’t …

Choosing the right makeup for your wedding is something that may brides worry about. With so much choice on the market it can be very confusing and prices range from cheap to hideously expensive so, especially if you are on a tight budget, you really should take the time to do your research. In recent years, the trend has been towards simpler skin care products and organic makeup. Here’s a few things every blushing bride needs to consider when it comes to choosing makeup for the big day,

Many brides now believe that organic skin cream is the best solution for your skin. Other creams contain dangerous chemicals that can lead to health complications, so it is better to choose creams made with natural ingredients than to take the chance with other products containing synthetics.  More worryingly, some chemicals have been linked to cancer. It is important to remember that everything you apply to your skin will get absorbed by your body and could enter the bloodstream. You do not want dangerous toxins to build up in your system from using traditional skin creams.

If you are concerned about harmful substances than organic skin cream is the best option. Many traditional creams contain preservatives to improve their shelf life. This is why you can purchase some creams with expiration dates of several years into the future. Unfortunately, these preservatives often have parabens. Studies have shown that parabens can cause breast cancer and other types of cancers. You do not want to take the risk on these creams. They can completely destroy your life later. Organic products will not have this issue.

Choosing organic skin cream is also better for the environment and animals. Many companies, such as AlgoVital Angel that sell organic products practice other eco-friendly methods to reduce the impact on the environment. They may have recycled packaging or less packaging. They may also give back to communities. In addition, many organic companies do not test their products on animals. This is an important issue that animal safety groups have been advocating for years. If you are buying organic creams, then you are helping others and not just your skin.

Organic skin cream is a natural alternative to other products. You can still see amazing results from using this product. Your skin can look younger and more elastic. You can have a youthful glow. Most organic creams will have natural ingredients like fruits or vitamins. They may have oils to improve your skin’s moisture levels. Plants and minerals are natural sources of ingredients that can help your skin look beautiful for many years.

In addition, organic companies will usually avoid using genetically modified plants in their creams. These are …

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Weddings are usually characterized by much glamour, happiness and giving and among the things that are usually given on these occasions are favors for weddings. The latter are basically gifts that the wedding couple gives to their guests as a sign of appreciation for attending the wedding. Typically, the wedding favors are small and identical to each other. There are however instances where the gifts are personalized and this can be done using the names of the newly wedded couple or with names of the guests. According to popular opinion, it is best if the favors given match the season in which the wedding took place.

For instance if it is Fall or Autumn, card-holders or cookies that are shaped as leaves in golden, warm colors such as brown, red and gold will be most appropriate. If the wedding will be held during summer then one will be better placed if they used lighter shades like grassy green and sky blue. The best favors for summer include sailboats, products shaped as palm trees and seashells. As for the Winter season, any shade can be used and the recommended items will include snowflake related items. Baubles and Christmas tree shaped items will also be appropriate.

For those who will be wedding in Spring, the best favors for weddings will be in warm colors and their emphasis will be on life. The best favors for this season will be butterflies, love birds and flowers. If one wants to be unique and follow the favors for the various seasons they can always go for themed favors and the common themes that one can use include beaches, fairy-tales and so on.

If a couple would rather personalize wedding favors for their guests they can get a photographer to take their picture which they will then put on the gift. Alternatively, they can make albums using their pictures and give them to their family and friends. Other favors that can really work for a wedding include chocolate selections, notebooks, diaries, saucers and tissue packs. For those who are in the going green campaign the bets options will be biodegradable wrapping, planting seeds and items made using bamboo.

If one would rather experiment with other designs they should take their time and conduct a research online to see what is available. Since the couple has other costs to incur it may be advisable for them to look for the cheapest favors for weddings according to their wedding budget. While wedding favors are important, they should not take up too much of one’s time and energy as most guests appreciate any favors they are given as their main agenda when attending a wedding is to see the …

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When it comes to picking out a wedding dress, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, but we all can probably agree on what makes a beautiful wedding gown and what makes an ugly one, from too much tulle too busy designs that take the attention away from the bride on her special day. It makes us wonder what compels many of these women to say yes to the dress!

Well, today we’re going to cover 10 of the ugliest wedding dresses ever created, courtesy of someone who makes really beautiful ones – Jennifer Young, who runs a leading wedding dress shop in Aberdeen

Ever get on the train? A train can turn any wedding dress into an elaborate and show-stopping gown. A small train that can be carried by one or two people doesn’t cause too much of a commotion. But if you need 30 of your family members and friends to help you walk down the aisle, it’s a sign that maybe your train is a tad bit too long. This bride was clearly on a mission to have the longest train in the history of wedding, dresses and she’s definitely succeeded.

Rose petals. This bride decided to skip out on holding a bouquet of flowers and instead she had dozens of roses applied to her dress. We love the idea behind wearing a walking flower garden, but this dress definitely took things a step too far. What if one of her guests was allergic to roses? The smell could have caused their allergies to really flare up and, let’s just hope, the dress designer removed each and every thorn before applying the roses, or this dress could have really been a pain in the butt.

Very buzzy. When it comes to wedding gowns anything goes. If you want to wear a very risque dress on your special day, that’s your prerogative, but we can’t help but be puzzled when we see a really unconventional gown like this dress, that’s cut so low. It can barely keep this bride’s boobs covered up, he’s practically spilling out of the fabric. Although the cut of the dress isn’t very flattering, we’re pretty sure her groom, didn’t mind.

The bikini dress. This bride decided she didn’t even need a big fluffy dress for her wedding. Instead, she threw on a bikini covered in flowers before strutting her stuff down the aisle. Not everyone would feel comfortable wearing next to nothing in front of their family, friends and future in-laws. But how could you not admire this bride, confident work it girl!

Matching cake. Did she design her dress to match her cake, or was the cake created to match …

Lets face it brides! You cannot decorate a wedding venue without flowers. With flowers in the bride’s bouquet, with them decorating the altar, the pews, the cake and everyone’s hair – there few decorative elements that can fill in for what flowers can do. Of course, going all out with the flowers can cost around $10,000 for the average-sized wedding if you don’t find ways to creatively cut back. These thrifty wedding flower ideas could help.

One of the most basic wedding flower ideas you can think of to cut back on would be to make sure that you never use any flower just one thing. Every flower that you buy for your wedding needs to be up for repurposing. One way to do that would be make sure that your wedding flowers are all carefully collected up once the ceremony is done with, so that they can be sent to the reception area.

There’s no need to buy flowers once for the wedding venue and once again for the reception venue. You just have to put someone in charge of getting all flowers together at the wedding and bringing them to the reception area where they can pull another shift.

And that would include the flowers in the bridal bouquets. Any flower centerpieces you have planned for the reception could be made out of flowers that come from the bouquets that the bridesmaids have used.

When people plan their wedding flower ideas, they rarely pay any attention to what flowers are in-season at the time of their wedding. Tulips or daffodils or anything else that they want, they just go ahead and buy them. Well, tulips are in season during winter and early spring. If you have a fall wedding in mind, tulips are going to cost you between five and ten times as much as they would in-season. A great way to keep your flower bills down would be to only choose flowers that are in-season when you get married.

Who’s to tell us that one kind of flower is less beautiful than another? Carnations and Gerber daisies are such beautiful flowers. They also happen to be extremely inexpensive. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to use them for all kinds of decorations at your wedding.

Did you ever realize that for the kind of fresh and angelic flower effect you’re looking for, lots of leaves, trees and bushes could be just as beautiful as flowers themselves? They could be very cheap, too. For whatever flowers you do get, if you order them online at an online wholesaler’s, you could get them a lot cheaper.

Perhaps the most aggressively frugal wedding flower idea you ever heard of comes …

In today’s wedding traditions, the responsibilities of the best man are actually pretty benign. Hes consigned to remembering the rings and giving a speech at the reception and, while these may be stressful to a certain degree, they certainly aren’t hazardous to the best man’s health.

Things were much different, however, when the concept of the best man originated with the Germanic tribes nearly 2,000 years ago.

During this time, a man in search of a bride often had to kidnap her from a nearby village.  This was, as you can imagine, often a dangerous mission, and it would have been foolish for a prospective groom to try it alone.  Therefore, he would select the best man in his village to assist him.  The best man was chosen for his strength, reliability, and weapons skills. Whats more, the best man’s job was not over once the raid had been completed.  There was still the possibility that the bride’s family would crash the wedding and attempt to steal her back by force.  For this reason, the best man would stay next to the groom throughout the ceremony, ready to protect the blissful couple until the marriage could be completed.  This is also the reason why the bride traditionally stands to the left of the groom during the wedding ceremony – so that he and the best man could keep their weapons in their right hands to protect her.

Since the likelihood of furious, armed relatives storming a wedding ceremony and dragging the bride away has diminished in recent years (at least in most wedding Ive been to :)) , the title of the best man has become a symbol of honor and of friendship rather than of confidence in the ability to use a spear.  If you have been selected to be a best man, however, you can take pride in the importance that your role has carried throughout the millennia.…

The center of any wedding reception and one of the major decisions of the bride and groom is the choosing of the wedding cake. Wedding cakes come in all shapes, sizes and flavors but one thing they have in common is frosting!

With many flavors and types of frostings to choose from, making a selection can be difficult. Wedding cake frosting has come a long way from the butter cream which was typically used in the past. Today, frosting can come in any flavor combination imaginable with extracts and natural fruit juices.

The wedding cake is the culmination of the wedding ceremony and the ingredients for the frosting should be well thought out. The main thing which needs to be remembered when choosing a wedding cake frosting is to make sure the frosting can hold up for the amount of time it will be displayed before cutting and enjoying it. A good way to ensure the frosting can sit for the hours necessary is have the bakery bake a small sample cake with the frosting of your choice and let it sit over night to see if the frosting will hold its shape and flavor. Another factor to consider when choosing the perfect wedding cake frosting is taste. Many times this can be the most important factor because if the cake is covered in fondant for the perfect look, you want to make sure it tastes just as good as it looks.

When choosing the flavor of the frosting the best way to make sure you get a frosting you will enjoy is through a tasting with the bakery. Call the bakery and set up a cake tasting and they will prepare several types of cakes and frosting for sampling. Frosting can come in any flavor but you need to make sure that the taste of the frosting will combine well with your choice for the cake recipe.Of course, the baker will be able to guide you and offer advice about what frostings pair best with each cake.You have many more choices than just chocolate and vanilla. Orange added to white chocolate can give a refreshing burst of flavor to the cake. Almond extract added to a vanilla fondant can add also add an extra layer of flavor. If you are making your own wedding cake, it is a good idea to experiment with different cake and frosting combinations prior to making your actual wedding cake. Just make small round cakes using different recipes and then see how they taste with different flavors of wedding cake frosting. This experimenting can be a lot of fun, especially for brides and grooms who happen to have a sweet tooth.

While choosing a …

The term goes all the way back to sixteenth century, when a small piece of bread would be placed in a goblet of wine. The goblet would be passed from guest to guest until it reached the person being honored who would drain the goblet and eat the morsel of bread in the bottom. This tradition is practiced at weddings today – usually in the form of one or more champagne “toasts”.

The best man usually has the honor (or duty) of making the first toast.

Usually the bride and groom remain seated for the toasts while all the guests are usually standing to honor them. This all happens before they pack their suitcases and head off for the honeymoon.

The couple may then make a few remarks thanking their families, wedding party members, and guests. They may also “toast” each other or share a “toast” together.

In the Jewish tradition, the Rabbi recites the marriage blessings over a goblet of wine. Both the bride & groom then drink from the glass. In most ceremonies, after the marriage contract is read, the groom then crushes the glass under his right foot and the Rabbi gives his “priestly blessings”. Conversely, according to Irish wedding traditions, it was bad luck if a glass or cup were broken on the wedding day.

Here are some great ways to give a quick wedding toast in a variety of cultural languages.

Chinese: Ganbei! (dry your cup)
Dutch: Prost! (health)
English: Cheers!
French: Santé! (health)
German: Prost! (cheers)
Hebrew: Le’chaim! (to life)
Irish: Sláinte! (to your health)
Italian: Per cent’anni! (for one hundred years)
Italian 2: Salute (health)
Japanese: Kanpai! (dry your cup)
Russian: Vashe zdorovie! (to health)
Spanish: Salud! (health)
Welsh: Iechyd da! (health)


The Wedding March is a tune that this just about as recognizable as the Happy Birthday song. There are lots of other tunes out there to that we quickly associate with weddings – Pachelbel’s Canon in D is one of them, too. Of course, everyone does want one of these tunes playing at their wedding – because without them, a wedding just doesn’t feel like a wedding. While a little tradition is nice though, no one says that wedding reception music our ceremony music has to be all traditional. It can be as individual as you are. The great part here is that you can save a lot of money going the non-traditional way.

The best way to save on money setting the atmosphere up with music at your wedding is to stay away from live music, of course. Live music requires trained professionals, and they happen to cost a lot of money. Great CDs and a nice public address system are often all you need. If you really want people to admire what you’ve done with the music for the ceremony, look hard for some beautiful but unfamiliar music.

When it comes to what to do for your wedding reception music, you have a great option in hiring a DJ. When there’s a DJ, it kind of feels like there’s a live person putting up the music; but since it’s just one person and not a whole band, it doesn’t cost you very much. If you have a friend who kind of fancies himself an undiscovered treasure in the deejaying business they could be willing to get up there for free. Not least because they imagine that the girls all love the DJ.

If you really have your heart set on live wedding reception music, you certainly do have a few options. For the ceremony, you can easily hire someone who is a student musician. You just have to go down to a local music school and ask for a really talented student. They would be happy to have a gig.

In any wedding orchestra, do solo instruments are usually the ones that cost the most. While they can be very nice of course, if you’re trying to get things through on a budget, just having a three-piece a band and no solos would really help your cause. And if your wedding is in a church, using the church organist or pianist could really help.

Hiring a brand-new DJ or a brand-new band could really help you cut down on costs. But you do want to be sure you know what kind of music really they play. You don’t want to be in a situation where you get a …