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Choosing the right makeup for your wedding is something that may brides worry about. With so much choice on the market it can be very confusing and prices range from cheap to hideously expensive so, especially if you are on a tight budget, you really should take the time to do your research. In recent years, the trend has been towards simpler skin care products and organic makeup. Here’s a few things every blushing bride needs to consider when it comes to choosing makeup for the big day,

Many brides now believe that organic skin cream is the best solution for your skin. Other creams contain dangerous chemicals that can lead to health complications, so it is better to choose creams made with natural ingredients than to take the chance with other products containing synthetics.  More worryingly, some chemicals have been linked to cancer. It is important to remember that everything you apply to your skin will get absorbed by your body and could enter the bloodstream. You do not want dangerous toxins to build up in your system from using traditional skin creams.

If you are concerned about harmful substances than organic skin cream is the best option. Many traditional creams contain preservatives to improve their shelf life. This is why you can purchase some creams with expiration dates of several years into the future. Unfortunately, these preservatives often have parabens. Studies have shown that parabens can cause breast cancer and other types of cancers. You do not want to take the risk on these creams. They can completely destroy your life later. Organic products will not have this issue.

Choosing organic skin cream is also better for the environment and animals. Many companies, such as AlgoVital Angel that sell organic products practice other eco-friendly methods to reduce the impact on the environment. They may have recycled packaging or less packaging. They may also give back to communities. In addition, many organic companies do not test their products on animals. This is an important issue that animal safety groups have been advocating for years. If you are buying organic creams, then you are helping others and not just your skin.

Organic skin cream is a natural alternative to other products. You can still see amazing results from using this product. Your skin can look younger and more elastic. You can have a youthful glow. Most organic creams will have natural ingredients like fruits or vitamins. They may have oils to improve your skin’s moisture levels. Plants and minerals are natural sources of ingredients that can help your skin look beautiful for many years.

In addition, organic companies will usually avoid using genetically modified plants in their creams. These are …

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Weddings are usually characterized by much glamour, happiness and giving and among the things that are usually given on these occasions are favors for weddings. The latter are basically gifts that the wedding couple gives to their guests as a sign of appreciation for attending the wedding. Typically, the wedding favors are small and identical to each other. There are however instances where the gifts are personalized and this can be done using the names of the newly wedded couple or with names of the guests. According to popular opinion, it is best if the favors given match the season in which the wedding took place.

For instance if it is Fall or Autumn, card-holders or cookies that are shaped as leaves in golden, warm colors such as brown, red and gold will be most appropriate. If the wedding will be held during summer then one will be better placed if they used lighter shades like grassy green and sky blue. The best favors for summer include sailboats, products shaped as palm trees and seashells. As for the Winter season, any shade can be used and the recommended items will include snowflake related items. Baubles and Christmas tree shaped items will also be appropriate.

For those who will be wedding in Spring, the best favors for weddings will be in warm colors and their emphasis will be on life. The best favors for this season will be butterflies, love birds and flowers. If one wants to be unique and follow the favors for the various seasons they can always go for themed favors and the common themes that one can use include beaches, fairy-tales and so on.

If a couple would rather personalize wedding favors for their guests they can get a photographer to take their picture which they will then put on the gift. Alternatively, they can make albums using their pictures and give them to their family and friends. Other favors that can really work for a wedding include chocolate selections, notebooks, diaries, saucers and tissue packs. For those who are in the going green campaign the bets options will be biodegradable wrapping, planting seeds and items made using bamboo.

If one would rather experiment with other designs they should take their time and conduct a research online to see what is available. Since the couple has other costs to incur it may be advisable for them to look for the cheapest favors for weddings according to their wedding budget. While wedding favors are important, they should not take up too much of one’s time and energy as most guests appreciate any favors they are given as their main agenda when attending a wedding is to see the …

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When it comes to picking out a wedding dress, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, but we all can probably agree on what makes a beautiful wedding gown and what makes an ugly one, from too much tulle too busy designs that take the attention away from the bride on her special day. It makes us wonder what compels many of these women to say yes to the dress!

Well, today we’re going to cover 10 of the ugliest wedding dresses ever created, courtesy of someone who makes really beautiful ones – Jennifer Young, who runs a leading wedding dress shop in Aberdeen

Ever get on the train? A train can turn any wedding dress into an elaborate and show-stopping gown. A small train that can be carried by one or two people doesn’t cause too much of a commotion. But if you need 30 of your family members and friends to help you walk down the aisle, it’s a sign that maybe your train is a tad bit too long. This bride was clearly on a mission to have the longest train in the history of wedding, dresses and she’s definitely succeeded.

Rose petals. This bride decided to skip out on holding a bouquet of flowers and instead she had dozens of roses applied to her dress. We love the idea behind wearing a walking flower garden, but this dress definitely took things a step too far. What if one of her guests was allergic to roses? The smell could have caused their allergies to really flare up and, let’s just hope, the dress designer removed each and every thorn before applying the roses, or this dress could have really been a pain in the butt.

Very buzzy. When it comes to wedding gowns anything goes. If you want to wear a very risque dress on your special day, that’s your prerogative, but we can’t help but be puzzled when we see a really unconventional gown like this dress, that’s cut so low. It can barely keep this bride’s boobs covered up, he’s practically spilling out of the fabric. Although the cut of the dress isn’t very flattering, we’re pretty sure her groom, didn’t mind.

The bikini dress. This bride decided she didn’t even need a big fluffy dress for her wedding. Instead, she threw on a bikini covered in flowers before strutting her stuff down the aisle. Not everyone would feel comfortable wearing next to nothing in front of their family, friends and future in-laws. But how could you not admire this bride, confident work it girl!

Matching cake. Did she design her dress to match her cake, or was the cake created to match …