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Weddings are usually characterized by much glamour, happiness and giving and among the things that are usually given on these occasions are favors for weddings. The latter are basically gifts that the wedding couple gives to their guests as a sign of appreciation for attending the wedding. Typically, the wedding favors are small and identical to each other. There are however instances where the gifts are personalized and this can be done using the names of the newly wedded couple or with names of the guests. According to popular opinion, it is best if the favors given match the season in which the wedding took place.

For instance if it is Fall or Autumn, card-holders or cookies that are shaped as leaves in golden, warm colors such as brown, red and gold will be most appropriate. If the wedding will be held during summer then one will be better placed if they used lighter shades like grassy green and sky blue. The best favors for summer include sailboats, products shaped as palm trees and seashells. As for the Winter season, any shade can be used and the recommended items will include snowflake related items. Baubles and Christmas tree shaped items will also be appropriate.

For those who will be wedding in Spring, the best favors for weddings will be in warm colors and their emphasis will be on life. The best favors for this season will be butterflies, love birds and flowers. If one wants to be unique and follow the favors for the various seasons they can always go for themed favors and the common themes that one can use include beaches, fairy-tales and so on.

If a couple would rather personalize wedding favors for their guests they can get a photographer to take their picture which they will then put on the gift. Alternatively, they can make albums using their pictures and give them to their family and friends. Other favors that can really work for a wedding include chocolate selections, notebooks, diaries, saucers and tissue packs. For those who are in the going green campaign the bets options will be biodegradable wrapping, planting seeds and items made using bamboo.

If one would rather experiment with other designs they should take their time and conduct a research online to see what is available. Since the couple has other costs to incur it may be advisable for them to look for the cheapest favors for weddings according to their wedding budget. While wedding favors are important, they should not take up too much of one’s time and energy as most guests appreciate any favors they are given as their main agenda when attending a wedding is to see the …

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