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Lets face it brides! You cannot decorate a wedding venue without flowers. With flowers in the bride’s bouquet, with them decorating the altar, the pews, the cake and everyone’s hair – there few decorative elements that can fill in for what flowers can do. Of course, going all out with the flowers can cost around $10,000 for the average-sized wedding if you don’t find ways to creatively cut back. These thrifty wedding flower ideas could help.

One of the most basic wedding flower ideas you can think of to cut back on would be to make sure that you never use any flower just one thing. Every flower that you buy for your wedding needs to be up for repurposing. One way to do that would be make sure that your wedding flowers are all carefully collected up once the ceremony is done with, so that they can be sent to the reception area.

There’s no need to buy flowers once for the wedding venue and once again for the reception venue. You just have to put someone in charge of getting all flowers together at the wedding and bringing them to the reception area where they can pull another shift.

And that would include the flowers in the bridal bouquets. Any flower centerpieces you have planned for the reception could be made out of flowers that come from the bouquets that the bridesmaids have used.

When people plan their wedding flower ideas, they rarely pay any attention to what flowers are in-season at the time of their wedding. Tulips or daffodils or anything else that they want, they just go ahead and buy them. Well, tulips are in season during winter and early spring. If you have a fall wedding in mind, tulips are going to cost you between five and ten times as much as they would in-season. A great way to keep your flower bills down would be to only choose flowers that are in-season when you get married.

Who’s to tell us that one kind of flower is less beautiful than another? Carnations and Gerber daisies are such beautiful flowers. They also happen to be extremely inexpensive. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to use them for all kinds of decorations at your wedding.

Did you ever realize that for the kind of fresh and angelic flower effect you’re looking for, lots of leaves, trees and bushes could be just as beautiful as flowers themselves? They could be very cheap, too. For whatever flowers you do get, if you order them online at an online wholesaler’s, you could get them a lot cheaper.

Perhaps the most aggressively frugal wedding flower idea you ever heard of comes …