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When it comes to picking out a wedding dress, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, but we all can probably agree on what makes a beautiful wedding gown and what makes an ugly one, from too much tulle too busy designs that take the attention away from the bride on her special day. It makes us wonder what compels many of these women to say yes to the dress!

Well, today we’re going to cover 10 of the ugliest wedding dresses ever created, courtesy of someone who makes really beautiful ones – Jennifer Young, who runs a leading wedding dress shop in Aberdeen

Ever get on the train? A train can turn any wedding dress into an elaborate and show-stopping gown. A small train that can be carried by one or two people doesn’t cause too much of a commotion. But if you need 30 of your family members and friends to help you walk down the aisle, it’s a sign that maybe your train is a tad bit too long. This bride was clearly on a mission to have the longest train in the history of wedding, dresses and she’s definitely succeeded.

Rose petals. This bride decided to skip out on holding a bouquet of flowers and instead she had dozens of roses applied to her dress. We love the idea behind wearing a walking flower garden, but this dress definitely took things a step too far. What if one of her guests was allergic to roses? The smell could have caused their allergies to really flare up and, let’s just hope, the dress designer removed each and every thorn before applying the roses, or this dress could have really been a pain in the butt.

Very buzzy. When it comes to wedding gowns anything goes. If you want to wear a very risque dress on your special day, that’s your prerogative, but we can’t help but be puzzled when we see a really unconventional gown like this dress, that’s cut so low. It can barely keep this bride’s boobs covered up, he’s practically spilling out of the fabric. Although the cut of the dress isn’t very flattering, we’re pretty sure her groom, didn’t mind.

The bikini dress. This bride decided she didn’t even need a big fluffy dress for her wedding. Instead, she threw on a bikini covered in flowers before strutting her stuff down the aisle. Not everyone would feel comfortable wearing next to nothing in front of their family, friends and future in-laws. But how could you not admire this bride, confident work it girl!

Matching cake. Did she design her dress to match her cake, or was the cake created to match her dress, you’re still, not sure, but either way? This is one dress that definitely raises eyebrows.

We love a gorgeous print dress, but the use of the paisley print is a bit questionable. It definitely draws attention away from the bride’s beautiful face, but there’s just so much going on with this over-the-top wedding dress.

The dress designer obviously had a thing for ruffles, because the gown has ruffle details on the shoulders and on the butt. Can you imagine trying to sit down to enjoy your first meal as husband and wife, with five yards worth of ruffles attached to your behind yeah? Neither can we. This bride was definitely going for an extravagant look right down to the pearls that are attached to her head.

This bride definitely wanted to look like a princess on her wedding day, but her huge puffy gown is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. There was so much fabric used in the construction of this dress that we can’t even imagine how she was able to enter and exit through the ceremony doors. We kind of feel bad for her new groom too. He wouldn’t be able to come within two feet of her, even if he tried.

Peacock frenzy. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. This wedding gown is really covered in a bunch of peacock feathers, as if the feathers weren’t bad enough there’s a bunch of flowers stuck to the bodice to this bride must really have a thing for birds, because even her parasol is decked out in the colorful feathers. This entire outfit is giving us major peacock overload.

Too much tool. Tool is a popular fabric used in many wedding, dress designs.  A little bit of tulle here, and there really adds to the whimsical and romantic element of a classy wedding gown. But few much tulle usually ends in a dress looking like a complete disaster.  These brides surely realize that a dress made primarily of tools is not only pretty heavy to carry around, but it’s almost impossible to walk through a door frame without getting stuck.

Toilet paper. Our bride decided to get really resourceful by wearing a wedding gown made of some pretty unconventional items. It appears that a bunch of scraps were sewn together to give this dress a unique design and the long streams of fabric. Do we look like toilet paper? I guess the good news is when this bride needs to use the restroom. She can just put a few sheets of toilet paper off of her dress before handling her business.

So, hopefully, you enjoyed my run down of the ugliest wedding dresses – for a high quality beautifull dress, you need to visit a talented wedding dress designer like Jennifer Young Couture.

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